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Full-Service Landscaping

Everything your landscape needs to live a long, healthy, and beautiful life.

Residential & Commercial Maintenance

We train our maintenance employees to give them the skills needed to provide the highest level of quality possible. Not only do they understand what to do, but we take the time to explain why they are performing each task. Attention is given to the smallest details, which is why our landscapes stand out from all others. 


Maintenance through Segale & Cerini is purchased in blocks of time, which means when our services are purchased, we are at your site working.

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Segale and Cerini workers in backyard installing new grass
  • Plant and Lawn Care (Pruning & Trimming)

  • Pest Management

  • Fertilization Plans

  • Irrigation Management

  • Landscape Enhancements (Lighting, Tree Installation, Soil Analysis, and More)

fertilizing backyard services with glove

Landscape Consultation

With over 40 years in business, we've seen just about everything. Our consultation abilities range from helping you decide on plants or trees to overseeing a current maintenance or construction crew. We also troubleshoot any challenges you may be experiencing with your outdoor space.

garden designers bay area with spring foliage
backyard landscaping around a pool in northern california
  • Specimen Recommendation and Sourcing

  • Irrigation and Controller Troubleshooting

  • Plant Health

  • Landscape Quality Assessments

spring flowers planted for clients of Segale and Cerini Landscaping


Adaptability in garden design is rarely found within a landscaping firm. While some firms are limited to certain design styles, we can produce a beautiful design in accordance with the client's request. We can use either hand drawing or a computer-aided design. When we create a design on the computer, the client is able to see a three-dimensional rendering of the final product. 


We specialize in all different styles of landscaping - modern, traditional, Japanese, drought, and many others. 

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Is Segale & Cerini the right landscaping service for you?

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