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Segale and Cerini installing large tree in backyard

Meet The Owners – How it Started

Segale & Cerini Inc. was established in 1985 when Bill Segale and Charlie Cerini merged their two successful landscape companies. Bill and Charlie bring their individual skillset to each project from start to finish, giving clients the best possible results. They understand every outdoor space has its unique qualities and challenges, and as a result, their ability to adapt to each job site is unmatched.

Bill Segale, Segale & Cerini Landscaping

Bill Segale 

A certified arborist whose expertise includes horticulture, fertilization, pest control, plant placement, and pruning. Bill has designed and maintained some of the most successful landscapes in the Bay Area. 

Charlie Cerini Segale & Cerini Landscaping

Charlie Cerini 

An expert in landscape construction, including drainage, irrigation, hardscapes, wood working, fencing, and much more. He prides himself on installing every landscape properly and with the greatest attention to detail. 

Kevin Cerini Segale & Cerini Landscaping

Kevin Cerini

As the next generation of Segale & Cerini, he has spent over 12 years learning the entire scope of the landscaping trade, from construction to maintenance. Kevin graduated from Chico State with a BA in Business Agriculture.

Our Team. Your Crew.

Segale & Cerini Landscaping planting large tree for Bay Area client

Quality through knowledge. From day one, this has been our mission statement.

The moment we hire a new employee, we encourage them to learn and ask questions about the industry. We focus on showing our team members how to perform a task and take the time to explain why they are doing it. We educate them on plant types, fertilizers, signs of proper plant health, and many other important aspects that will make them landscapers and experts in the field.


We believe the high quality brought to each project reflects the continued knowledge we provide our crews. 

A little fun fact: Segale & Cerini’s landscaping has been featured in movies such as the beloved Mrs. Doubtfire and Flubber.

Why choose us?

Experienced Team

Our team has a wide range of experience in both residential and commercial landscaping. Our horticulturists continue to learn and grow through certifications and industry developments.

Free Consultation

Each project is different, so we offer a customized solution based on your specific needs. We also provide alternative ideas, so you understand all your options to meet your budget.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

As our client, you can rest assured that our company is fully licensed, bonded and insured for all-around peace of mind.

High Standard Results

Our skilled team considers each detail and looks at all aspects of your project to ensure it all comes together flawlessly.  We want your outdoor space to not only to be stunning but to also thrive.

why choose us
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